Young Delhi girl receives Diana award

A girl, aged 17, from New Delhi has received The Diana Award in memory of princess Diana.
Mahira Jain, 17, has founded ‘FunWagon’, an academic enrichment enterprise especially built for children between ages 6 and 16.
The objective is to conduct fun, interactive excursions through tours both in-person and virtually and FunWagon has organised various excursion including the National Museum, Lodhi art district, India Gate and Gandhi Smriti.
In their endeavour, they have worked with more than 1,500 students and have created a 30-page original curriculum, based on the heritage of India.
The FunWagon curriculum has now been adopted by over 11 NGOs across India, some which are AAROHAN, My Perch and Louts Petal Foundation.
During the lockdown, FunWagon had conducted its activities online and held Zoom webinars where participants were taken on virtual tours of the Lodhi art district, the Mahabalipuram temples and the Amer Fort.
Mahira has also created a virtual Walkthroughs series on her YouTube channel for her audiences to be immersed in the history, culture and architecture of Delhi.
A recipient of several awards like the 2021 Pramerica Awards, and the Social Innovation Challenge by IIT (BHU) Varanasi, Mahira most recently founded CulturALL, an initiative which aims to increase access to cultural education for children from all backgrounds.
Her goal is to create a widespread network of cultural educators.

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