WhiteHat Jr joins EnduroSat to boost space education

WhiteHat Jr joins EnduroSat to boost space education

 Edtech platform WhiteHat Jr on Tuesday announced a multi-year partnership with EnduroSat, a leading space company, to deliver advanced learning opportunities to students in the field of space.

The collaboration will create applied science opportunities for students who will be able to send commands to, and access data from a satellite operating in space.

“We are absolutely thrilled to offer this unique learning opportunity to our students, and are in the process of involving multiple strategic and corporate partners to popularise it globally,” said Karan Bajaj, Founder and CEO at WhiteHat Jr.

The collaboration entails a satellite launch in December this year, which will have a payload dedicated to WhiteHat Jr, that provides its students with exciting learning opportunities related to space, the company said in a statement.

In addition, WhiteHat Jr students will also have access to another satellite on a trial basis scheduled for launch in June this year. Both satellites will leverage SpaceX Falcon 9 ride share.

“This marks the first mission where a partner is fully dedicated to advancing the education of children from an early age. EnduroSat has long advocated for space education to be democratised and made available to everyone through our own Spaceport Academy,” said Raycho Raychev, Founder and CEO at EnduroSat.

From analysing sensor data (there are over 30 sensors onboard each satellite, including infrared, temperature, sun sensor, gyroscope, etc.) to controlling cameras (taking pictures of various space objects), to relaying messages to and fro, the applied science opportunities that students would get are endless.

Moreover, students would be able to participate in different ways of orchestrating space data on WhiteHat Jr’s payload computer (a Raspberry Pi 4 with a direct link to the main onboard computer), the company informed.

All of these learning experiences would be seamlessly integrated with WhiteHat Jr’s curriculum and would follow a gamified content aimed to ensure maximum student engagement.

WhiteHat Jr currently has more than 175,000 students from around the world.

EnduroSat provides exceptional NanoSats and space services for business, exploration, and science teams.


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