Do Not Sell Your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano or XRP, Know Why!

Many believed the AltSeason of the year might have accelerated as the Bitcoin price was losing its pace. On the other hand, Ethereum price, Cardano price and XRP price reached their highest levels fueling the speculation. However, with the mid-may crash, the entire crypto space suffered a 50% drain including BTC price. 

Since then, most of the tokens, especially the top 10 cryptos are undergoing an extreme sell-off while attempting to hit higher levels. Moreover, the tremendous FUD surrounding the crypto space has also hampered the trader’s mindset to a large extent. Therefore a popular Youtuber Ben Armstrong suggests his 447.3K followers to not sell BTC, ETH, ADA or XRP.

These are among the top 5 cryptocurrencies according to market cap and believed to recover the losses quickly. According to the analyst, the Binance FUD and the regulation FUD are been pushed as the crypto market gains momentum.

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However, popular cryptos like BTC, ETH, ADA  and XRP are expected to record huge gains. All three cryptos other than XRP are expected to record three-digit gains. Whereas XRP coils surge more than 3000% as predicted by a popular analyst CryptoBull. 

If the rally gears up and jumps as predicted by the analyst, then the BTC price could hit more than $100k. On the other hand, ETH price may attain $8500 and ADA price may reach $4. The most bullish prediction of 3000% to 5000% for XRP price may lead towards a double-digit figure in between $19 to $31. However, the analyst does not mention the timeline, yet assumes the Bitcoin price, Ethereum price, Cardano price and XRP price to resume bull run soon.


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