BabyDOGE Price Surged 228% In One Day Following Elon Musk’s Tweet

Musk has come up with another tweet, in which he repeatedly wrote “Baby Doge, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo” in connection to the highly popular “Baby Shark” song.

Is Elon Musk now Signalling his support for Baby Doge? 

After that, the value of the cryptocurrency token Baby DogeCoin skyrocketed, and its trading volume nearly doubled in one hour. Before Musk’s second tweet, it was worth less than $0.0000000010. The price of Baby Doge increased by 81.3 percent in less than an hour as a result of the tweets.

The Baby Doge cryptocurrency is up 228% in the past 24 hours, and if the last two weeks are taken into account, the rise is 716.9%.

What is Baby Dogecoin?

Baby DogeCoin is a fork of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. It’s a low-value, meme-based cryptocurrency that’s been generating a lot of buzz on social media. Fans and members of the DogeCoin online community have created a new cryptocurrency. Baby Doge wants to impress his father by demonstrating his faster transaction rates as mentioned in it’s official site.

Doge Flying Towards the Moon?

The meme-based cryptocurrency, which is favoured by Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk, has jumped in value after Musk tweeted again in support of doge. 

“Release the Doge,” Musk said on Twitter, adding an image of Marlon Brando as The Godfather. Following the post, the price of dogecoin increased by 4%. 

In another event,Reid Williamson, a YouTuber, took up the responsibility of taking the dogecoin to space. Many Dogecoin supporters wanted Musk to use one of his SpaceX rockets to carry the cryptocurrency to space and to the Moon. The 23-year-old YouTuber, on the other hand, appears to have pushed the cryptocurrency to new highs.

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