Rashmeet Kaur, Deep Kalsi drop new track ‘Daru hor piyade’

Rashmeet Kaur

Singer-songwriters Rashmeet Kaur and Deep Kalsi, along with hip-hop newbie Harjas Harjaayi, have come out with a new number titled “Daru hor piyade”.

Rashmeet said: “The track feels like a party, it feels like a good time. It is a post-quarantine anthem exuding buzzy, summer energy that will rejuvenate others back into feeling ‘excited about feeling good again. A feel-good track is needed especially after a long, drawn-out quarantine.”

She said that she wants people to get excited about living life.

The singer-songwriter, who has belted out hits such as Bajre Da Sitta and Saiyyonee, said: “We’ve been locked up for forever. People want to connect and feel each other again. I want people to get excited about living life and being outside and connecting and celebrating life. My intention whilst contributing to it was that I want people to feel good when they hear the track.”

Deep Kalsi called it a fun, leave-your-brains-at-home kind of a track.

He added: “After the initial recording Raftaar bhaiya felt I needed to add ‘sip sip sip sip’ to the lyrics and it all worked out well.”

Harjas Harjaayi shared: “This song is sure to get everyone in a great mood and singing or jamming out.”


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