Netanyahu vows to topple new Israeli ‘deceit’ govt

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to topple the new coalition government.

Netanyahu made the remark during a meeting on Monday, convened for the first time as the new leader of the opposition following his ouster, reports Xinhua news agency.

The “deceit government will soon be toppled”, Netanyahu said, referring to a government by his opponents, nationalist Naftali Bennett and centrist Yair Lapid, which was sworn in on Sunday.

He urged lawmakers with his allied parties to show cohesion and “iron discipline” to paralyse the coalition in the Parliament, saying ending the rule of the new government will “bring redemption to the people and the State of Israel”.

Lawmakers with the Likud, Netanyahu’s right-wing party, heckled Bennett when he addressed Parliament on Sunday to present his new government.

They shouted insults and interrupted almost every sentence he said.

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