Kirti Kulhari gets praises for ‘Human’, Co-Director Mozez Singh, “In return, her comment is all about love!”

Kriti Kulhari, Human

In his upcoming show, Human, Mozez Singh, one of the directors, demonstrates his admiration for the cast. Taking to social media as the co-captain of the upcoming show, “Human,” Mozez praised Kirti Kulhari for her strength as a character. 

Mozez posted the following appreciation on Instagram: “The most exciting thing about working with any actor is when the actor takes the given part many notches higher, sometimes kicking the ball way out of the park. Your extreme emotional intelligence, your delicate nuances, your willingness to dive into the deep end & your constant refusal in not accepting a take till it was more than superb had both the directors, Vipul Sir and I, in your complete thrall. Thank you for the tremendous experience of working with you Kirti. The shoot is over but the celebrations begin now . Let’s lose ourselves to a cosmic dance ! Let’s fly !” 

Kriti Kulhari, Human

Kirti, incredibly touched, wrote back after reading the post, “Awwww Mozez this is the sweetest thing a director has done for me.. written an appreciation post … m so touched.. had been waiting to see what you write for me I have learnt so much from the two of u and together, I would like to believe that we have created something special. thank u for being a father to #sairasabharwal and bringing her into this world ..shoot comes to an and celebrations begin see u super soon.. and thank u once again for not just writing the series but also co directing it .” 

In the upcoming show Human, produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and co-directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Mozez Singh, Kirti, a.k.a. Saira Sabharwal, will unravel.

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