Govt tweaks vaccination policy for Pvt hospitals, order allowed only through CoWIN

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The union government has tweaked the vaccine procurement policy for private vaccination centres starting July 1.

Private hospitals now must register themselves on CoWIN portal and route their vaccine orders through it, instead of directly buying the doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from manufacturers, the government said in an order on Tuesday.

The government additionally imposed a maximum limit on the number of vaccine doses a private hospital can procure in a month “to balance limited supply and prevent vaccine wastage”.

According to the new guidelines, double the average daily consumption of vaccine doses in any seven-day period of the previous month will be used to determine the “maximum monthly limit” of vaccine doses for a private hospital.

“The likely monthly consumption shall be estimated by multiplying the daily average consumption during the week of the choice of the Private CVC (PCVC) in the previous month by 30. The maximum limit will be twice this quantity,” the new guidelines state.

Let’s say a hospital’s seven-day average vaccine consumption for the week between May 3 to May 10 was 100 doses per day. In thirty days the average vaccine consumption would be thirty times 100, that is 3000 doses. Using the current formula, a private hospital can procure a maximum of 6000 vaccine doses for a period of thirty days.

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