General Manager conducts review meetings regarding safety and punctuality issues

General Manager

GM/NCR V.K.Tripathi conducts review meeting through videoconferencing to discuss safety and punctuality issues.

While reviewing safety related issues, GM said that staff should be regularly counselled and updated to ensure safety in train operations.

He said that it is the duty of officers to ensure that instructions received from Railway Board and Headquarters should reach and got understood by the field staff properly.

Taking serious note of the damage caused due to the open doors of freight trains, the General Manager directed the concerned officers to ensure that the doors are properly closed at every loading and unloading point.

Apart from this, the trains received from other zones should also be monitored carefully.

General Manager also discussed about brake binding, maintenance of signaling gears & OHE implements and management of other assets.

He also directed to form a committee for assessing the brake binding cases occurring in LHB coaches.

The General Manager reviewed the progress with respect to the target of closure of level crossings during the current financial year. He directed that action should be taken to close the crossings as soon as the work of Road Over Bridge or Road Under Bridge is completed. North Central Railway has set a target of construction of 75 Road Under Bridges during the current year, out of which 04 works have been completed.

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