Fuel price rise paused on Monday after rising for 2 days

Petrol and diesel price rise went on a pause mode on Monday after rising sharply for past two days that took up the price of the two auto fuels by up to 70 paise per litre.

Accordingly, the price of petrol remains at Rs 98.46 a litre and diesel at Rs 88.90 a litre in the national capital.

Similarly, price of the fuel in the other key metros also held Sunday’s price line but not before reaching new historic high levels.

Petrol is most expensive in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar where it now retailing at Rs 109.67 per litre. Even diesel in the city is priced at a high of Rs 102.12 a litre.

In Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, petrol is priced at Rs 104.56, Rs 99.48 and Rs 98.30 per litre, respectively. With the trend in price movement over past couple of months, petrol would be nationally available at Rs 100 per litre or more soon. Diesel is also catching up fast to hit century across the country.

In line with petrol prices, the price of diesel is also increasing across the country, but its retail price rise remained unchanged on Monday.

In Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, diesel continues to be sold for Rs 88.90, Rs 96.42, Rs 93.46 and Rs 91.75 per litre, respectively.

With global crude prices also rising on a pick-up in demand and depleting inventories of world’s largest fuel guzzler — the US, retail prices of fuel in India are expected to firm up further in coming days. The benchmark Brent crude is currently around a multi-year high level of over $76 on the Intercontinental Exchange.


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