Farm laws: Tomar welcomes Pawar’s stance

The Union agriculture minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, today welcomed the comment by NCP chief Sharad Pawar who said the new farm laws that have led to farmer agitations must not be totally rejected but amended.

Commenting over the prevailing impasse between the central government and the farmers surrounding the demand to repeal those three laws, Tomar said ” India government under PM Modi is committed to the development of farmers. Last seven years, this government has only taken measures that benefit the farmers in the country. Every step was taken to ensure their profit increases.”

“Various schemes were introduced to benefit them. The change in farm laws was brought based on the recommendation of the Swaminathan Committee report that was submitted in 2006 to the UPA government that just sat over it without any apparent action” he pointed out.

The Union minister felt the change in the farm laws were needed and this will in turn will change the lives of farmers.  He remarked, ” I welcome the comment made by Sharad Pawar who said all laws must not be changed but only objectionable ones. He is right to say that these things can only be solved through deliberations. Modi government is doing exactly that.”

” We spoke with the farmers at least 11 times. The solution will come out through talks” Tomar felt.

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