After bail, Choksi returns to Antigua for treatment

Indian fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi, who is wanted in Rs 13,500 crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) fraud case has returned to Antigua and Barbuda from Dominica, two days after being granted bail on medical grounds.

Choksi’s lawyer Vijay Aggarwal said: “My client Choksi has returned to his home in Antigua safely. He faced no issues while entering back in Antigua.”

Aggarwal said that Choksi is receiving medical treatment and his family is feeling relieved however torture during kidnapping has him caused lot of psychological and physical harm.

“All well that ends well. After tasting success in Dominica now legal team is gearing up for long drawn fight in Antigua,” Aggarwal added.

Choksi was granted bail on medical grounds on Monday by Dominica High Court.  The court has asked Choksi to deposit Eastern Caribbean dollars 10,000 (around Rs 2.75 lakh) as surety for the bail.

His legal team approached the Dominica high court last week seeking relief on the ground that his health was deteriorating and he needed urgent medical attention.

Choksi is facing a case of extradition in Antigua on India’s request.

Choksi had gone missing on 23 May from Antigua and Barbuda, sparking a massive manhunt. He was later captured in Dominica where he faced charges of entering the country illegally.

Choksi had filed a case in the high court of Dominica, seeking to quash the proceedings against him alleging that his arrest was “dictated” by representatives of the Indian government.

The case was filed against the Immigration Minister of the Caribbean nation, its police chief and the investigating officer of the case.

Choksi pleaded that the decision to charge him for illegal entry violated the law and, accordingly, was null and void.

Choksi’s lawyer had alleged that their client was kidnapped and forcibly taken to Dominica.

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