Aroma can be a therapeutic process in building positivity

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It is a challenge to relax in a fast-paced world which is currently undergoing a crisis. Investing time and energy in activities that can help de-stress is tough in a busy schedule, even if it’s work from home nowadays. All you need is a daily healthy ritual that can help strike the balance between your mind, body, and soul.

Aromatherapy is one such solution that helps build positivity, release stress, boost your mood, and leave your home smelling wonderful. Traditional, alternative, or complementary therapies that use essential oils, fragrances, and other aromatic plant compounds. The smell is the strongest of the senses and most efficient in influencing brain activity.

Hargunn Jayaswal, CEO Misa Candles shares some benefits of practicing aromatherapy.

Candles are great for aromatherapy. Lighting a candle is probably one of the simplest yet most effective ways to boost the mood and absorb the goodness from the environment. It creates a soothing aura and is more practical than the essence sticks which add to the smoke. Aroma candles also act as a focal point for meditation.

Aromatherapy helps combat the different emotions we face. Not only does it reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety but also helps in calming your nerves that lead to headache and migraine. It helps in easing discomforts, boost immunity, improve sleep quality and rejuvenate the mind.

Studies show many elements of our moods are related to the smells present in the environment and that can alter our mood from good to bad or vice versa. Aroma has neutralizing properties which reduce the number of unwanted ions in the house atmosphere hence keeping you positive.

Aroma stimulates the mind. A soft mild smell can infuse the thoughts of positivity and creativity. It helps the mind to ease the tension, relaxes the muscles and erases the negativity. It lightens up the atmosphere and enables you to work and think better.

Aroma also charges the good emotions of the mind. Emotions and factors like empathy, gratitude, humbleness get charged up and actions post aroma therapy. It helps in de-stressing, creates a balance, stimulates and refreshes the memory.

Just like good music, good smells can alter brain waves that help in boosting your productivity. Different aromatherapy scents have different effects on people, but the common denominator is a deepened sense of relaxation, positivity, and balance.

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