3 people dead in Germany knife attack

At least three people died and several others were injured in a knife attack in Germany’s southern city of Wurzburg, according to police. The incident took place on Barbarossaplatz square in the city centre on Friday evening, reports Xinhua news agency.

Following the attack, the square and its surrounding areas were sealed off.

The suspect, a 24-year-old Somali man, stabbed several people with a 40-cm-long knife and police used firearms and arrested him, local media outlet Bayerischen Rundfunk said in a report.

Bavarian State Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann said the police have found records that the suspect was treated in a psychiatric institution and will later define whether the incident is a terror act or a move out of psychological reasons.

He added that of the injured, five were in serious condition.

So far there is no evidence showing the victims have any personal relations with the suspect, Herrmann said.

Investigators are looking into the motivation for the attack. According to a police spokesperson, the suspect is not known to the police for crimes that “lean in the direction of Islamic extremism.”

Police urged people to refrain from speculation and not to share videos of the incident on social media after footage emerged, appearing to show the attack.



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