19-yr-old girl abandoned with baby becomes SI

Siliguri police, NBW, BSF, SSB

A girl, who was abandoned by her ‘life-partner’ and family when she was just 19 with her 6-month-old baby has become a police subinspector now The story of Anie Siva says how she overcame the challenges she faced by will power and confidence.

Anie Siva, a native of Kanjiramkulam in Thiruvananthapuram district, was a first year degree student at Kanjiram kulam KNM Government College, when she started living with her boyfriend against the will of her family.

However, after she gave birth to a baby, the man left her.

Though she returned home after being abandoned, the family did not accept her back. She started living with her son in the back yard of her grandmother’s house. Annie recalled how she made money to make a living.

“I started selling curry powder and soap first. Later, I became an insurance agent. Then I used to deliver essential items to people by travelling on a motorcycle and I got the money to complete my degree in Sociology”, Anie said.

Now at 31, Anie joined as a probationary subinspector at Varkala police station on Friday. “Today I am Sub-Inspector of Police at the same place where I lived ten years ago selling ice cream and lemonade,” she wrote on Facebook.

After passing the degree course, she was appointed as woman police in 2016. Then, after completing three years as a police officer, she wrote the SI exam 2019 and got selected.

“I managed not to get mentally derailed somehow. It was an achievement indeed” she wrote.


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