Demand for premium housing on the rise

 What are the prospects of premium living in Calcutta?

The demand for premium housing in Calcutta is on the rise. Condominiums, duplexes, garden homes to pool villas, Calcutta has it all on offer. Not just major lifestyle changes in the pandemic era, but rising number of HNIs and affluent investors from neighbouring cities are driving the demand. And, of course, there is no dearth of choice in this segment.

What are the transformations we are seeing post-pandemic?

In today’s scenario, health, family and safety have topped the list of priorities, which have positively impacted the demand for properties that are close to nature, serene and safe. With people forced to work from home, demand for home office spaces have witnessed a new high. With fewer business openings and limited travel schedules, many are also taking early retirement. The new normal has changed people’s spending habits, and buyers are keen to invest in a home of their own. With people spending more time at home, the demand for flats or duplexes that are in self-sufficient residential complexes has gone up across segments, be it affordable or luxury housing.

Are luxury/premium residences/bungalows in demand? What new trends can we spot in this segment?

As explained, the overall demand for housing is on the rise, luxury segment included. Buyers in the luxury segment today are aware of global benchmarks. As real estate developers we constantly strive to align our products with their aesthetic demands by roping in internationally-acclaimed architects and landscape consultants to exceed expectations. Another noticeable trait is the rising environment awareness.  Buyers today are concerned about at least one environmental issue, thus preferring green and environment-friendly housing. As founding members of Indian Green Building Council we feel responsible in promoting sustainable living. Not just waste management and energy conservation, we are increasingly focusing on creating self-sustained biodiversity hubs that not only provide a great outdoor experience, but also the luxury of staying close to nature amidst an urban setup.

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