Summer Camp in Covid times


I spent my summer holidays in a joyful way. Even though I had loads of homework and assignments lined up, I didn’t let that dent my enthusiasm. At the beginning of the holidays, I mostly spent time finishing my work so I could have fun the rest of the time. I drew a painting of Lord Ganesha, wrote a short story, played games with my friends and did some programming.

My father had bought me an Electronic Workshop from the Crossword store at City Centre 2 on Christmas and I have been busy with that. It has many components like resistors, capacitors, inductor and connecting wires. It also comes with a guide with an overview of some basic instructions on how to use a breadboard, the colour codes of resistors…

The guide also has instructions for some projects that we can make, like a rain alarm and ghost detector. The part that I enjoy the most is putting together the components to build a project and then seeing it work as intended. For instance, the rain alarm goes off when there is water around or the bulb lights up on touch.

Aashna Goyal, 10 years, Space Town, VIP Road

Corona’s Labyrinth

China gave birth to coronavirus. Soon it spread like a wildfire.

Masks, sanitisers, handwash became a household name

Everyone tried to keep the virus tamed.

Lockdowns were imposed,

Frontline workers were working in full force.

Lots of rules were amended,

And successfully the first wave ended.

Scientists came with a ray of hope,

As they found a vaccine to cope.

Although jabs were given in phases,

Coronavirus started showing once again its traces.

Second wave was even deadlier.

Lots of families lost their near and dear.

The society learnt its lesson:

Front line workers alone cannot fight this mayhem,

People will have to equally make effort at their end.

Covid has taught us a lot of things.

We should always count our blessings.

Doctors are demigods;

We must always appreciate them against all odds.

Let us pray and avoid the third wave and follow the rules set in,

Till we make the world once again a better place to live in.

Roshani Kasera, Age 37, EE Block

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