City jewellers give The Telegraph a bejewelled lookbook

Much like everything around us, the jewellery trends have also undergone changes in recent times since the pandemic hit us. From casualwear to wedding looks, The Telegraph explores the present jewellery trends in a special photo story. 

Cool Casual

Keep your casualwear look classy and fuss-free with this prominent silver locket neckpiece strung with tassel and shells. The elaborate neckpiece is perfect for accentuating a simple kurta or ethnicwear look. “These pieces are such that one can wear it with Indian, western and Indo-western clothes too,” said Annargha of Anjali Jewellers. Price on request @Anjali Jewellers

Actress Madhurima Basak looks casual chic in this piece designed on a coconut shell base, this beaded neckpiece made of mother-of-pearl and gold has a large pendant featuring Lord Jagannath in intricate gold and meenakari work and is perfect as an easy-wear statement piece. Designed with bright colours, this jewellery item can complement colourful cotton saris, perfect for a casual daywear look. “These pieces are extremely light and trendy, making it perfect for casualwear,” said Annargha Uuttiya Chowdhuury, director, Anjali Jewellers. Price on request @Anjali Jewellers.

Add a hint of glam to your casual look with this pair of earrings in a chaandbali design made of silver studded with Vellore polki and small pearls. “These statement earrings in a white tone can be teamed up with various outfits. It can accentuate a light-wear look glamorously or can be paired with a set too. It complements a lot of styles,” said Dwiti Bhuwalka, owner, Pretios. Rs 15,000 @Pretios by Dwiti Bhuwalka

Complementing the fish motifs of the sari, this bold neckpiece designed on a mother-of-pearl base features a fish motif on its large pendant made of 22-carat gold. Paired with a simple sari, this neckpiece with a contemporary design is perfect for creating a minimally accessorised look for any casual outing. “These days women love to experiment with their look and jewellery hence these pieces have been developed keeping the requirements of the new-age women in mind,” said Annargha of Anjali Jewellers. Price on request @Anjali Jewellers

Actress Richa Sharma looks gorgeous in the polki-and-gold bridal set accessorising a trendy pink bridal outfit. The chunky polki necklace set with matching earrings is made of 22-carat gold and is layered with a 22-carat gold long necklace studded with polkis. The 22-carat gold maangtika in green and white is studded with polki stones. The gold nath, a large polki finger ring, a pair of gold pacheli bangles, gold antique bangles studded with a single stone and a pair of gold jadau bangles complete the look. “This is an elegant and heavy jewellery set that makes the bride look complete on the wedding day. A bride usually prefers a heavy-jewellery look on the wedding day. The colour combination of the set is such that it can be paired with most colours that brides prefer on their bridal outfit nowadays,” said Abhishek Kajaria, founder and owner, Avama Jewellers. Price on request@Avama Jewellers

Keep it simple yet stunning by selecting a statement piece like this peacock kaan as the highlight of your wedding-day look. Designed with a blend of the traditional and modern, this peacock kaan with jhumka detailing is made of gold featuring meenakari work. Price on request @Anjali Jewellers

This heavy bridal jewellery set made of 22-carat gold completes a modern bride’s look. The set features two intricately designed necklaces in contemporary designs worn in layers, a pair of dangling earrings complementing the necklace set, a nath, a tikli, a stack of differently designed bangles on one hand and a kharu on the other, and two finger rings on each hand. The long ring on the right hand, known as the caterpillar ring, is flexible and the round-shaped ring on the left hand finger is known as the umbrella ring covering the entire finger. “This set is meant for the new-age bride for a smart, contemporary look. It will make the bride feel like a queen on her wedding day,” said Annargha of Anjali Jewellers. Price on request @Anjali Jewellers

Madhurima Basak looks stunning in this diamond jewellery set with the diamonds set on 18-carat gold comprising a necklace, a pair of dangling earrings, two finger rings and a bracelet, that is perfect for that chic and classy engagement look. “Engagement for any woman is a big step ahead in her life. A woman loves to dress in a way closest to the bride she is going to be in the coming months. It is an emotional moment, and nothing can be better than wearing diamonds to celebrate it,” said Annargha of  Anjali Jewellers. Price on request @Anjali Jewellers

Keeping up with the present trends of layering, this three-layered diamond necklace set made with 18-carat hallmarked gold with diamond setting paired with diamond earrings and a bracelet is for the bride who would love to cut a trendy frame for the engagement ceremony. “For this set we have used the diamonds following the technique of illusion setting to make it more affordable. The engagement is followed by the wedding, so many purchase keeping in mind the affordability as the wedding has many occasions and also such jewellery are gifted to the bride from the groom’s family for the engagement,” said Anand Kulthia, director, Kulthiaa Jewel. Rs 20,00,000 @ Kulthiaa Jewel  

Slay your evening engagement look with a layered statement piece on your neck. The chunky choker is beautifully balanced with a long kontho necklace made in 18-carat hallmarked gold set with diamond polkis, Zambian emeralds and South Sea pearls. “This set is a beautiful blend of the traditional and the modern, it can be worn with different outfits for different looks. It looks stunning with western as well as Indian outfits. The engagement look is not always traditional, so this is a versatile set for trying out any look,” said Ritu Bajoria, proprietor and designer, Virrayaa Jewellery. Rs 8,00,000 for the choker and Rs 10,00,000 for the long kontho neckpiece @Virrayaa Jewellery

Dazzle in diamonds in that special moment of your life in this diamond necklace set made with 18-carat hallmarked gold studded with diamonds. Paired with a sleek pair of earrings, the necklace is designed with distinct floral motifs, giving the classic engagement look a contemporary touch. “We have used floral motifs to give a modern look to the jewellery for the modern bride,” said Anand Kulthia, director, Kulthiaa Jewel. Rs 12,00,000-plus @ Kulthiaa Jewel

For the bride who wants to keep the engagement evening look as grand as the D-day, this elaborate jewellery set will bring out her gorgeous best. Made with 18-carat hallmarked gold, the necklace and earrings set is designed with diamond polkis, Zambian emeralds and natural cultured pearls. “A choker with earrings as large as chaandbalis, for a set like this the bride doesn’t have to wait for the bridal function, they can easily wear it for the engagement too. This is a detachable set and can be worn as per preference,” said Ritu Bajoria of Virrayaa Jewellery. Rs 16,50,000 for the neckpiece @Virrayaa Jewellery

Let your hands get all the attention on the engagement day with a stack of bangles. Made with silver, the bangles are in a variety of contemporary designs complementing each other and are studded with Vellore polkis and small pearls. The statement ring on the finger is made with silver and Vellore polki, adding a balanced look to the hand jewellery. “There are a variety of designs, some are single studded, some are chunky, it is a versatile range. The bride can choose to pair up the bangles the way they like or wear a single one too to adorn their hands on the engagement day,” said Dwiti Bhuwalka of Pretios. Rs 8,000 onwards for the bangles and Rs 8,000 for the ring @ Pretios

This 22-carat gold necklace, earrings and maangtika set is versatile in hues of red and white, designed with kundan, meenakari work, semi-precious stones and pearls that can help you accessorise for most of the occasions at your friend’s wedding…. be it the D-day, the cocktail party or the reception look. Necklace with earrings priced at Rs 7,10,000 and maangtika priced at Rs 2,50,000 @Avama Jewellers

For the bride’s friends there is always a lot to do at the wedding, from handling responsibilities to having fun. A set like this can allow you to balance between an easy-breezy daytime look and yet maintain the glam quotient. The 18-carat gold necklace and a pair of earrings with jhumka design are paired with the 22-carat gold bangle to create the set studded with magnificent polkis and South Sea pearls. “The bride’s friends who are basically managing the wedding, prefer not-so-heavy jewellery but it also has to look nice. The gold carvings and polki gives the complete weddingwear look yet easy to manage,” said Abhishek Kajaria of Avama Jewellers. The necklace with earrings is priced at Rs 8,60,000 and the bangle is priced at Rs 5,80,000 at Avama Jewellers

This 22-carat gold necklace is lightweight, fashionable, has a contemporary look and glams up the entire look, perfect for decking up in your stylish best on your friend’s wedding day. “This necklace is perfect for wearing at parties. The bride’s friends would definitely want to look their best as they will be creating happy memories to cherish forever. This jewellery is not heavy yet makes a style statement for the person wearing it. After all, a wedding of a friend is always a special occasion,” said Annargha Uuttiya Chowdhuury of Anjali Jewellers. Price on request @Anjali Jewellers

Choose the classic diamonds in a contemporary design for a classy and graceful look on your friend’s engagement day or reception. The 18-carat hallmarked gold necklace, crafted to suit the modern style sensibilities, is studded with diamonds and a sparkling emerald for teaming up with a western or Indian outfit. “The jewellery is complete in itself that goes well with the modern weddingwear looks, which could be a designer lehnga. The sets are multipurpose and gives a complete look,” said Anand Kulthia, director, Kulthiaa Jewel. Priced at Rs 11,00,000 @Kulthiaa Jewel

 For the bride’s glam girls’ squad look for a pre-wedding cocktail party or bachelorette party, go for 18-carat hallmarked gold jewellery in contemporary designs made in open-setting technique set with diamonds, polkis, rubies and natural pearls. (L-R) The 18-carat statement earrings set with rosecut diamonds and blue sapphires has just the right amount of glam. The sleeveless dark shaded gown is complemented with a neckpiece with rosecut diamonds on the pendant designed with emeralds and strung in pearls. The sari is accessorised with a layered extravagant necklace set studded with diamond polkis and South Sea pearls. The polki necklace with Zambian emeralds is teamed up with the nude shaded outfit and the lehnga look is complete with a multipurpose ornament worn here as the choker that can be worn as a bracelet too. “People must wear jewellery according to what resonates with them. The range shows pieces that fit various personalities from bold to soft and warm. Here, polki is seen accentuating the cocktail outfit looks but it goes well with Indian outfits too. Modern cocktail rings with polkis and traditional necklaces with open-setting polki is very much in trend now. It is a new way of doing polki,” said Ritu Bajoria of Virrayaa Jewellery. Rs 10,00,000 onwards @Virrayaa Jewellery 

For occasions where you need to look classy yet glam, nothing makes a more chic statement than diamonds. This 18-carat hallmarked gold necklace set studded with diamonds is teamed with a pair of matching earrings, a bracelet and a cocktail ring. Priced at Rs 24,00,000 @ Kulthiaa Jewel

Wardrobe for Anjali Jewellers looks: Anjali Mall  

“The jewellery trend has been vacillating between the old and new.While a lot of new-age brides want traditional designs, there are others who want to buy jewellery which is trendy and can be used also regularly post-marriage. These days the jewellery purchase is a mixed bag of traditional and trendy designs. A piece of diamond jewellery, however, has become a must-buy for every bride-to-be as diamond jewellery is extremely trendy and can be worn with almost every attire” — Annargha Uuttiya Chowdhuury, director, Anjali Jewellers Private Limited

“Post-pandemic things have not changed much. When it comes to buying bridal jewellery, people still spend a lot of money even if they have cut down on other wedding costs. Their budgets have in fact increased when it comes to buying wedding jewellery. We have noticed this since last year. But other than wedding purposes, jewellery is no longer compulsive buying. Until there is a requirement they are not willing to make a purchase. For those who are not making a wedding purchase, they are investing on more budget purchases and we have kept an affordable range for them. In July, we have added a new set of designs of diamond jewellery as a part of our Pride collection, keeping in mind the upcoming wedding seasons and the change of purchasing trend due to the pandemic”
— Anand Kulthia, director, Kulthiaa Jewel

“Initially, the demand was less due to the pandemic but once people started stepping out there was a surge in demand. For wedding jewellery people are wanting to spend but the trend has been not towards expensive jewellery rather people are looking for mid-range and imitation jewellery. People are now more into pearls and semi-precious stones. People are preferring light jewellery even if they are taking sets. The gatherings are more intimate now and people are not wanting to spend on very heavy traditional jewellery. People are more into earrings, bracelets and light malas. If they are going for statement pieces, polki is the choice”
— Dwiti Bhuwalka, founder and owner, Pretios

“There has been a change in purchase of jewellery since last year. But weddings are happening and bridal jewellery is in demand. The budgets of the wedding have come down, so the expenditure of the wedding has shifted more to the jewellery. The budgets are low, but right from the smaller pieces to heavy ones, the demand is there. Now, the most important change that I have noticed is people are comfortable with buying jewellery virtually. Even from outside Calcutta we have noticed this trend, we never imagined people would go for higher range jewellery through a virtual medium. Even for men’s jewellery the budget has increased. Plain gold is no longer in demand, they are preferring more of studded or some detail-work on the jewellery. Polkis are very much in demand now”
— Abhishek Kajaria, founder and owner, Avama Jewellers

“I think what is most conspicuous these days is all brides prefer to wear polki jewellery for most of their functions. It is glamorous and has got an old traditional look. It creates a very elaborate look with the mathapatti and the entire set. Polki jewellery has really taken over the market. We are creating designs that are detachable and multipurpose sets because for a typical wedding jewellery set, one would not like to repeat it. So, in detachable sets people can wear various parts of a set in different styles. These are doing really well for us. People are looking for comfortable and easy-to-wear pieces that are suitable for multiple occasions. We are also focusing on light polki pieces with larger polkis that could be worn for lunch to evening parties for jazzing up the western outfits. People think polki is heavy, but we are doing lightwear designs with polkis to meet the demand of comfortwear, and at the same time they have a contemporary and modern look” — Ritu Bajoria, proprietor and designer of Virrayaa Jewellery

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