Of yellow dress and tattoos

Why does yellow make us feel the way we do? It is vibrant, it makes us come alive, Van Gogh painted with it. It catches the sun. On a gloomy rainy day, wear yellow

Model: Ankita Singh

Make-up: Pritam Das

Hair: Sujit Das

Wardrobe, styling: Kaira Sen

Assistance: Himadri Bhattacharjee

Photograph: Baban Mukherjee

At the height of the pandemic, along with exercising at the gym and beauty parlour treatments, numerous tattooing outlets everywhere had to shut down. Some shops closed down forever.

But with the West emerging from the disease, tattooing is back there. With a bang. Or should we say a happy pang?  

Across the US, tattoo artists are witnessing a boom in bookings, reports www.vox.com. “People have spent the past year declaring their desire to get inked, whether to memorialise the unprecedented circumstances they’ve lived through or to embrace a new vehicle for self-expression after months of social inhibition. The changes in workplace culture toward remote employment are also a boon: Fewer workers will have to contend with the corporate stigma against visible body art,” it says.

We would see what new shapes emerge.


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