Summer Camp in Covid times


To get over the drudgery of the lockdown, I put needle to thread. I wanted to create a proper Bengali doll that I could gift my grandchildren.

The doll has been made using old dresses of my grandchildren which they have overgrown. I cut the dresses, gave them the shape of legs and face. Then I took some wool from my knitting box to make the hair. Then I thought of putting a bindi on the forehead and sindur in the parting of the hair to complete the look of a Bengali grandmother.

To make the legs and face of the doll, I had to tear open a cushion to take out synthetic cotton to stuff inside the doll. The border of the sari is a ribbon which they had used to wrap a gift for me and the style of wearing the sari is also how elderly Bengali ladies dress.

My grandchildren will be excited and thrilled to see their old dresses reused in such an interesting way.

Krishna Nandy, 69 years,

BC Block

Bored but busy at home

I feel very bored during this lockdown. But I have many things to do at home. I have a pet dog named Ella. I play with her with balls and chewing toys. I bathe her, feed her and take care of her.

Also, I have my Kathak dance classes to attend in online mode. I love to dance and play. I have board games like Brainvita, Business, ludo, snakes and ladders to play. I do video calls with friends and cousins. I can’t go out to malls and restaurants so I sometimes request my parents to order in food. I love to eat pizza.

I also like to draw pictures. My mother guides me and I even have a picture drawn by me hung on the wall of our living room. I watch cartoons on TV. My favourite show is Oggy and the Cockroaches. I also read story books that my aunt gifted me. I am currently reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Tintin series. I help my mother bake cakes, cupcakes and muffins. We also make burgers and pizzas. I make jute bags with my mother too.

My aunt gifted me a keychain set; I made some keychains and hung it on my homemade-bags. I also have a mini microscope, which I had built on my own. Every Friday, we all watch a movie together on TV. I wonder when the malls and movie halls will open. I really want to go out and have fun like we used to do earlier.”

Ritisha Chakraborty, 8 years

Akankha Krishnachura, New Town

Flight of fantasy

All my luggage was packed and we dashed to the airport. My biggest fear was I might miss my flight to Tokyo. I increased my pace but OUCH! I landed straight on the floor in my room and not in the land of the rising sun.

Waking up with a start, I quickly freshened up and went downstairs to hear that the lockdown has been extended by another two weeks but I wasn’t sad. I would rather get to spend more time with my family and do interesting things like painting and make slime and do experiments with paint and water.

I have to admit that these days I have been a little naughty and lazy so my mother’s morning ritual is to check if I have neatly kept my books and toys in my room. The truth is I would simply stuff my toys and experiment kits in my closet. That day, like every morning, she entered my room and out of the blue she opened my cupboard which she hardly does. CRASH! My toys and clothes burst out like an avalanche on my mother and we burst out laughing. My mother cleaned my closet and came across her childhood album. It was absolutely wonderful going through her childhood pictures and hearing funny stories.

I was petrified when we heard about the cyclone Yaas coming towards our state. Last year, Amphan had blown away our iron swing from the 28th floor terrace and devastated our terrace room. So, we quickly sealed the windows. Luckily we were saved from the cyclone this time as it made its landfall in Balasore.

After every storm comes a sunny day and we should not lose hope and try to find light at the end of the tunnel. I am sure very soon we all will be able to get back to normal life, just like before.

Shivali Sanyal, 9 years,

Uniworld City, New Town

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