Srijit Mukherjee on X=Prem

Srijit Mukherji is all set to start the shoot of his upcoming film, a futuristic love story, X=Prem, soon. “The title is very apt. There is a pun on ‘X’ which can either mean a praktan or an unknown person. I wrote the first draft four years ago, fine-tuned it in the last lockdown and will be shooting it now. Its original title was Deja Vu,” says Srijit.

The film talks about how the power of love can solve any and all adversaries in one’s life. 

“X=Prem — starring Arjun Chakrabarty, Madhurima Basak, Anindya Sengupta and Shruti Das — deals with the complexities of human emotions and selflessness of love as well as the pain one has to face in life. Depicting every phase of one’s life, X=Prem (produced by SVF) promises to be a heartwarming romantic journey!” says Srijit.

Meanwhile, Srijit and Arjun will be working together for the first time. Interestingly, Srijit had a guest appearance in Arjun’s 2012 film Bapi Bari Jaa! “It feels amazing to be a part of Srijitda’s film. I always wanted to work with him and I’m glad it’s finally happening. I hope I live up to his expectations. It’s a unique story, very different from what I’ve done or what we as the audience have seen so far. And I don’t know a lot about Srijitda’s working style. So I’m looking forward to learning new things, in a more or less new environment. My fave Srijit Mukherji films are Autograph and Raajkahini,” says Arjun.

“The news of working with Srijit Mukherji was like getting selected for a masterclass in film-making from one of the best institutions. Bit of nerves and a whole lot of excitement….When I was watching 22shey Srabon, I remember there was complete silence in the theatre, and I, like all the others in the theatre, sat watching awestruck. Later on, his films like  Jatishwar, Chotushkone, Raajkahini, Uma and Dwitiyo Purush made me an ardent follower of his kind of film-making with such brilliant storytelling and remarkable characters,” says Madhurima.

(L-R) Arjun, Madhurima, Shruti, Anindya

JOYEETA CHOUDHURY to be played by Shruti Das

Joyeeta, popularly known as ‘Joyee’, was the soul of her college. She was that one girl whom you need no reason to fall for. Extrovert, prompt and happening.

ARNAB DUTTA to be played by Arjun Chakrabarty

A college senior to Joyee, Arnab Dutta is good-looking, reserved and an absolute introvert. He was an athlete in college and a part of the college cricket team; however, he pretty much kept to himself most of the time.

ADITI DUTTA to be played by Madhurima Basak

Arnab’s wife, Aditi, is a talented and beautiful woman. She is an ideal friend and wife who is understanding and caring. She is open-minded and kind-hearted.

KHILAAT BANERJEE to be played by Anindya Sengupta

Intelligent, smart and fun-loving Khilaat, can be best described as the perfect companion one would wish for. He is spontaneous, brilliant and focused.

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