Himaani Chetaan- A Woman with Integrity and Passion!

Himaani’s desire to help brands in showcasing themselves drove her to start her own firm. She approaches life with a can-do attitude and a desire to succeed, achieving all of her goals and dreams. Himaani has always enjoyed travelling, running, and feel-good music, or simply relaxing with interesting books, in addition to being passionate about her profession.

She has spent almost a decade gaining experience and working in the events and travel industry, with well-known brands primarily in marketing and advertising, and was always in charge of a team and the face of any project she embarked on, which allowed her to gather a lot of skill in understanding how a business works as well as network with a lot of people, allowing her to make quality contacts in the industry.

She genuinely believed that her skills and expertise would be valuable to start-ups and other businesses looking to build a reputation for themselves. Her drive and excitement for developing PR strategies for her clients gave her the confidence to start BeetRRuz.

She founded BeetRRuz on the belief that every brand should have a strong digital presence and market reputation on a worldwide scale, using the pandemic as an example of how important it is.

BeetRRuz is a public relations and advertising agency with contacts at major news outlets, publications, and influencers or celebrities who can help you shine a light on your growth and success. This agency works with some of India’s most well-known brands, like Forbes India, Business Today, Fortune, India Today, and others, to assist their clients tell their stories on these platforms.

Himaani explains “Our brand name is inspired on BeetRoot, a popular root vegetable with numerous health advantages and a dark colour that represents passion. In today’s world, it’s more crucial than ever to think about your brand’s health, and BeetRRuz ensure that your reputation remains spotless. The logo, as well as the capitalised letters in our brand name is inspired by the initials of their core values: a) Being Social b) Reliable c) Relentless Improvement”.

“From sleepless nights to morning celebrations of success, it’s been a rough yet exciting journey for me, in only around 6-7 months of prepping”, says The Founder.

Himaani continues on to state, “Even though owning a business can be difficult at times, the joy I receive when we successfully complete a PR campaign for our clients and see them beam with pride makes it all worthwhile”.

Despite a few people attempting to bring her down, she remained focused on her dream and worked hard to get to where she wanted to be. Now, here she is, celebrating her fourth month with her brand, working with clients for whom her team works relentlessly to make absolutely sure their clients receive the outcomes they expect with BeetRRuz- The House of Buzz


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