Jai Karan Walia and Clever Corp’s Synchronized Efforts Reap Results For Many Business Firms

Leveraging relationships and prioritizing strategic imperatives are key parameters set by Jai Karan Walia to excel in his professional work.

The world has seen it all in recent times. Billions of people and billions of ideas. The current generation are blessed with some unique stuff that the old-timers just couldn’t dream off. Today, it is not so surprising to listen to young guns becoming successful entrepreneurs before even they turn 30 years of age. Gone are the days when slow and steady wins the race was the motto, bring on the new generation and they say fast forward it to models of sustainability and profitability. One rising superstar of the entrepreneurial world who has thrilled every one by his skills of pursuing his dream companies successfully is Jai Karan Walia. To be an Entrepreneur in very young age is very burdensome, but one cannot deny that young generation has changed the scenario of business era with great success and Jai Karan Walia is the perfect example of it.

Born and brough up in Punjab, India, this young entrepreneur went from an amateur to a professional in short span of time. He had moved to Dubai in 2011 to complete his mechanical engineering and graduated from the renowned BITS Pilani institute. Jai also finished his post-graduation in EMBA from Hult Business School which is ranked 9th best institute in the world. To further learn and carve his professional skills, he worked as an intern with many multi-national organizations. Once Jai realized that he was ready for the bigger picture in life, he founded “Clever Corp” based out of Dubai. Understanding the growth and potential of Dubai as a location and it also being a hub for different businesses, it was an easy choice to attract the customers in this prime location and then build different branches around it. Clever Corp now operates in Abu Dhabi, China, and Nigeria as well.

Clever Corp sets high standards of their professional work in being a business advisory setup that helps millions of upcoming companies and businesses get noticed in the business world. They excel in providing advisory services and in consultations. They have quickly become the numero uno choice among many clients. This consulting agency have helped deliver millions when it comes to revenue generation for many firms. With wide range of services and tailor-made solutions available under one roof, the customers job has become hassle free to grow his business. They dedicatedly believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction with 100% transparency and accountability. Clever Corp is also an established firm in real estate industry and are tax consultants as well. They were highly obliged to receive the ‘Indo Arab summit award for best Business Setup in UAE in 2019’, presented to them by the Union Minister of India.

All the years of hard work and passion today has catapult Jai Karan Walia in establishing himself as a successful entrepreneur. At this tender age today, Jai is an owner of multiple properties in Dubai and also owns a series of luxury cars under his belt.

We wish this resilient and driven individual al the very best for future endeavors. Do follow him on Instagram @jaikaranwalia or visit the website, https://theclevercorp.com/.


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