Bright smiles and blessings come as regular gift for us: Rooqma Ray

Actress Rooqma Ray.

As India battles the second wave of Covid, Bengal’s artistes are providing a healing touch in various ways. Actress Rooqma Ray is trying to make a difference in her own way. The Telegraph chat…

You are part of an organisation called Someone to Someone. What is it about?
Amidst this pandemic many people have lost their daily earnings as the whole cycle of livelihood has seen tumultuous change. In this scenario someone who is a little better off, from their little earning are trying to help the other someone who is not that blessed. This is Someone to Someone.

Rooqma Ray distributes food.

Why did you decide to launch this?
During this second wave, people are living without proper food and seeing their loved ones losing their lives. That was the juncture when we thought of doing something. Then we planned this initiative. At least some people who do not have a proper roof over their head do not have to stay hungry.

How does the process work?
We are doing it for a few weeks now… people keep waiting for us at specific locations… bright smiles and blessings come almost as a regular gift for us. It’s their happiness which make us feel the hard work is worth doing.

We started by stocking the groceries in the beginning. Every day’s work starts by arranging the entire thing, planning the meal, going to the market and purchasing fresh vegetables, then cleaning, cutting, cooking and packing the food with utmost care, followed by loading them in cars for distribution. While other members clean the kitchen and close for the day.

Rooqma Ray with her team.

How is the response till now?
In this tough time, there are lots of people who really need this kind of support, and the interesting thing is, there are people who are in a better position, they want to help but may be organising this kind of a venture is tough for them. Thus we are getting an overwhelming response in different ways. Some are coming forward to help through fundings or by sponsoring raw food materials. Others are volunteering physically to work with us and help.

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