Rishi Dubey as an experienced Poll Advisor with a holistic approach can be a game changer in present political scenario

Before any Elections it is necessary for the political parties to carefully analyze the factors that have led to the party’s/individual’s performance in the last Elections & their prospects in the forthcoming Assembly/General Elections. It is also important to ascertain the expectations of different sections of the electorate so that an implementation plan could be drawn up and acted upon. Political PR, Political Campaigning, Political Research, Political Marketing, Political Management, Environment Mapping etc. relating to all contexts and processes.        

Politicians nowadays piercing party lines in India are hiring Public Relations agencies to conduct surveys, mobilise essential data of the electorate that they are willing to compete from, chalk out public announcements & to hike the image before the elections.

Understanding the immense impact of Public Relations and digital/social media campaigns in connecting, engaging and advocating with their target audience nowadays politicians are reaching out to professionals to help layout the strategies. All PR firms are observing the increasing number of political leaders sanctioning this approach majorly after Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s PR strategies proved to be dynamic in 2014 & 2019 General Elections. As per PR companies the essence of originating campaign strategy is “data”, as they say data is the new oil. Data acquired through surveys specific to the constituencies help in assisting political candidates and parties to have an insight that is very essential in chalking out powerful manifestos & devise the augmented approach based on it. In the conventional political campaigns, the political parties/candidates used to abide by the media campaigns only. In today’s scenario Public Relations play an important role by managing political campaigns for any political party/candidates by seeking professional expertise. It helps the clients to develop communication in order to sustain relationships and engage the electorate to promote their political developments, transparency, accountability and activities such as: Research & Analytics, Print Media Management, Social Media Management, Public Opinion Poll, Politico-Social campaigns, Communication consulting, Press Conferences, Slogan Development, Perception Mapping, Content Development, Media Management, Candidate Profiling, Competition Mapping, Sample Survey etc.

Today “Strategy” has attained major importance in each and every field. “We have been seeing an increasing number of candidates and leaders approaching us from all parties for precise surveys and formulating strategies for their election campaigns. During 2017 & 2020 Punjab and Delhi Assembly elections respectively, we successfully formulated and implemented the PR campaigns and strategies for several Candidates and Political Parties. This time too we have numerous campaigns in hand. However, according to our PR policy we cannot disclose the details, until unless the candidates/parties are willing to reveal the same” said Mr. Rishi Dubey Co-founder and CEO, PR BABA Private Limited.


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