Covid: Class V girl from Kerala writes to CJI, thanks judiciary

N.V. Ramana.

A Class V pupil penned a poignant letter to the Chief Justice of India in late May, thanking the judiciary for its orders aimed at combating Covid-19 and oxygen shortage to save lives.

The letter has become public at a time many in the country believe the Supreme Court’s observations were instrumental in the Narendra Modi government’s decision to centralise Covid vaccination and make a large part of it free. So far, the Centre has not publicly acknowledged the perceived role played by the highest court of the land.

The drawing that Lidwina Joseph enclosed with her letter to the Chief Justice of India. It illustrates proceedings in the court where the judge is seen smashing the coronavirus with the gavel. The Tricolour, the Lion Capital of Ashoka (the emblem of India) and the Father of the Nation complete the drawing

Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana was so moved by the “beautiful” letter of Lidwina Joseph from Kerala that he sent her a letter and a copy of the Constitution.

Lidwina Joseph’s letter to Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana

“From the newspaper I understood that your honourable court have intervened effectively at the sufferings and death of ordinary people in fight against Covid-19,” Lidwina, a Kendriya Vidyalaya student at Thrissur in the southern state, wrote to the Chief Justice.

“I am happy and feel proud your honourable court have moved orders for supply of oxygen and saved many lives.”

“I thank you your Honour…. Now I feel very proud and happy,” she added. 

Lidwina also enclosed a drawing (in graphic) that captured the idea of India that the founding fathers had in mind while the Constitution was being drafted.

In his reply, Justice Ramana described the illustration as “heart-warming” and appreciated that Lidwina kept track of contemporary events.

“I am really impressed with the way you kept track of happenings in the country and the concern that you have displayed for the well being of people in the wake of pandemic.

“I am sure you will grow-up into an alert, informed and responsible citizen who will contribute immensely towards the nation building,” Justice Ramana wrote, wishing the girl all-round success.

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