Film Ananta explores the inner-journey of a person in love

Moods, moments, motifs, words and characters make up the world of the film Ananta directed by Abhinandan Dutta. Suvo (Ritwick Chakraborty) is an indifferent, lonely man in his early 40s, unambitious and jobless. Mistu (Sohini Sarkar) is a lonely woman who is a school teacher. They both meet every day at a particular hour, when a beam of light streams in from the window of an old staircase. It’s the spot of their regular rendezvous. He waits for her every day at that staircase. She comes, and they have long conversations. They share their dreams, and reveal bits about themselves. They both like each other. But she is going to marry someone else soon. One day everything disappears. He starts waiting for her in his dreams and in reality, forever. “In this story I am trying to express the in-between words which were unspoken, and to explore the moments of a particular time. This film has no events to tell the story. I’ve tried to explore the inner journey of a person, who is experiencing love. It explores the moments of the very small things which go unnoticed, unidentified in our regular busy lives. It’s a common story, but it touches all because it’s the universal story of love,” says Abhinandan, who bagged the Aravindan Puraskaram 2020, special mention jury award as best debutant director for this film. Ananta is a Roll Camera Action production.

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