FASTag yet to speed up

Leaflets urging vehicle owners to install FASTag distributed by toll plaza employees

Around 50 toll plaza employees were distributing leaflets in Ormanjhi near Ranchi on Saturday to vehicle drivers about the FAStag labels meant for paying the toll electronically.

The Union ministry of roadways, transport and highways has introduced FASTag, a prepaid, rechargeable, machine-readable tag that allows automatic toll tax payment deduction. The ministry made it mandatory from December 1, and the deadline was extended up to December 15.

Vehicles without FASTag will have to pay double toll after expiry of the deadline.

“Only around 35 per cent of the vehicles that pass though this toll plaza have FASTag as of now,” said Asad Siddique, manager of the Ormanjhi toll plaza.

The leaflet urges vehicle owners to install FASTag, which they can do by contacting the operators of any toll plaza or by downloading the My FASTag app, adding they can also seek assistance at 1033, the helpline number of the National Highway Authority of India that is the implementing authority for the project.

The toll plaza at Ormanjhi has seven lanes, of which six are ETC or equipped for electronic toll collection, Siddique informed. One lane has been earmarked as where vehicles without FASTag can pay the toll in cash. All lanes will eventually become FASTtag-only, he added.

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